• Image of Cutie Patootie Swimsuit
  • Image of Cutie Patootie Swimsuit
  • Image of Cutie Patootie Swimsuit

Cutie Patootie just seemed like the perfect name for this sweet, adorable one piece swimsuit in light pink with white and blue flower print. The back is very simple and open, awesome for minimal tan lines ;) Full coverage bootie, and pretty low on the front and side boob area. (The frontal pix of this suit on me were a biiiiit too much to post... haha.... not quite enough support.. ) but girls, if you don't need too much support up front, this suit is fricken adorbz! I sewed the Red Yellow Green Anuhea patch in the back center for that customized look! Rock it as a body suit with jean shorts to an upcoming Summer Festival!

Each order comes with an AnuJammers sticker pack!

Item Measurements:
Size Available: S, M, L, XL
Waist Size: S: 64 - 74 cm, M: 68 - 78 cm, L: 72 - 82 cm, XL: 76 - 86 cm
Hip Size: S: 74 - 84 cm, M: 78 - 88 cm, L: 82 - 92 cm, XL: 86 - 96 cm
Bust: S: 80 cm, M: 84 cm, L: 88 cm, XL: 92 cm
Length: S: 61 cm, M: 62 cm, L: 63 cm, XL: 64 cm


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