• Image of True Colors/Kou 'Ano Ku I'o Tank
  • Image of True Colors/Kou 'Ano Ku I'o Tank

The song "True Colors" (specifically the version from the movie Trolls lol) is me and my son's favorite song to sing together. (Old Town Road comes in a close second...) So earlier this year when I was asked by Kimie Miner and her Haku Collective to contribute a song to her collaborative Hawaiian Lullaby Album, it was an easy choice: True Colors. Better yet, the song was going to be translated into Hawaiian (by Grammy Award winner and friend Kalani Pe'a) for me to sing, and arranged in a beautiful lullaby style perfect to sing to our keiki. As someone who grew up speaking Hawaiian fluently, I am so grateful for any opportunity to share my native language with my family, friends, fans, and especially my son.

I designed this tank myself, and got it printed in some fun pastel colors that are sure to SHINE through! True Colors: Kou 'Ano Ku I'o

Racer-back Next Level charcoal gray tank, casual fit, exposed stitching, super comfy and runs all the way to 2XL:)


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